TPFA's Founder, Proe Graphique aka David Rosler, has 30 years experience in NY media including national advertising and national television credentials. Alternative media is strategized by Proes wonderfully dedicated, loyal and hardworking associate, Kathy Shell - Amidon, a marketing specialist, Congressional and team liaison. 😉 
Their abilities are represented by TPFA's undeniable achievements.


For 2 years the Tea Party Fire Ants have been highly successful “Activist Alternative Media” , countering the socialist propaganda of the left mainstream media. TPFA mixes hard-results-driven activism with substantial media skill. Here are our most notable accomplishments:

1. A 17-Month 24/7 Twitter campaign to drive congressional co-sponsors to support Rep. Wolf’s resolution for a Benghazi Select Committee. Result? 190 co-sponsors, three (3) Thank you letters from Wolf citing our campaign specifically and the result of a Benghazi Select Committee which never would have happened without that many co-sponsors twisting Boehner’s arm. Also, Chaired by Rep Trey Gowdy, our own choice from the beginning.

2. Twitter campaign for Rep. Rice’s resolution to sue Obama for unconstitutional actions. Result? 120 Co-sponsors, a letter from Rice citing the campaign as “seeing great results” and a pending lawsuit against Obama for unconstitutional actions.

3. A conservative grassroots boycott of Fox News to let them know their core audience is not pleased with their recent direction. Result? Stunning 22% during the weekend boycott and stayed down to this day. Covered by Newsweek, the New York Daily News, Huffington Post, International Investors Daily and others. Only one group has successfully boycotted any cable news network with those kinds of results: The Tea Party Fire Ants.

4. Much media creation including the world’s first stereoscopic 3-D political video, “Orwell’s Obama.” which got and continues to get rave reviews while getting the truth out to younger voters.


Activist/results/driven media at least through the elections of 2016.

Money is short and our needs are growing. Please support the Tea Party Fire Ants to your fullest ability. We have never done what many political groups do; send out newsletters and beg 24/7; we would rather please you with results than beg for cash. But we are in desperate need of finance now as our operations are growing more expensive by the day, just to keep up, so please click on the link and give as much as you can. Donations are non-deductible, but the good part is that unlike most groups (which operate as non-profits) your name will never be made public or shown to the Government. Your donation is 100% private with us now and always, and records of donations are destroyed and erased as soon as the law allows. Your donation is private with us always just like when you vote. Please give as much as you can as soon as possible. Things have gotten very tight for us in recent months and we need your donations desperately.

Thank you.